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Strange reptile fossil puzzles scientists

Image copyright Victor Leshyk Image caption Drepanosaurus ripped away tree bark with a massive claw to get at hidden insects A 200-million-year-old reptile is rewriting the rulebooks on how four-legged animals conquered the world. Newly discovered fossils suggest Drepanosaurus had huge hooked claws to dig insects from bark, much like today’s anteaters in the forests

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Protect dolphins, UK government urged

Image copyright Martin Kitching Image caption Dolphins need to be included to achieve a coherent network of protected areas, campaigners say Campaigners are demanding better safeguards for the UK’s marine mammals after the EU said it would take Britain to court over harbour porpoises. The European Commission announced the action because it says the UK

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Rosetta mission ends in comet collision

Image copyright ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team Image caption Rosetta’s last image of Comet 67P, taken from a little over 20m above the surface Europe’s Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object’s surface. Mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, was able to confirm the impact had occurred when

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