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EU Commission sues UK over harbour porpoise protection

Image copyright PA Image caption Scientists say growing numbers of harbour porpoises are starving off the UK’s shores The European Commission is suing the UK at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for failure to allocate safe marine areas for harbour porpoises. This month, one site was designated in Scottish waters for protecting the vulnerable

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Cheetah trade: Nations to suppress social media enticement

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cheetah cubs can fetch up to $10,000 in illegal live trade Arab nations have joined forces with the African countries to suppress the illegal live trade in cheetahs. A recent BBC report highlighted the desperate plight of young cheetahs trafficked from Africa to the Middle East. One key element

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Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list

Image copyright AP Image caption The yellow-faced bee was once abundant across Hawaii Seven species of yellow-faced bee native to Hawaii have become the first bees to be added to the US federal list of endangered and threatened species. Conservationists say the bees face extinction through habitat loss, wildfires and the introduction of non-native insects

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