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UK’s chatty fish to be recorded

Media captionRegional dialects could affect the way cod mate, say researchers The seas around Britain may be getting so noisy that fish species like cod and haddock now have some difficulty communicating with each other. And if their chatter is being obscured, it could hamper their ability to breed. Steve Simpson and colleagues are testing

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‘Significant opportunities’ for low-carbon cities

Image copyright AP Image caption Making the shift to low-carbon technologies offer “significant economic opportunities” for urban areas Switching to a low-carbon economy offers cities “significant economic opportunities”, an assessment says. Low-carbon markets was worth US $33bn (£26bn) to London’s economy, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) says in its latest report. However, collaboration between public

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Synthetic rhino horn ready ‘in two years’

Image caption The question of synthetic rhino horn has been discussed at the Cites meeting in Johannesburg The man behind attempts to develop synthetic rhino horn has told the BBC that he hopes to have a “bio-identical” product ready to market in two years. Matthew Markus, CEO of Pembient, believes that introducing a highly similar

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