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Call for action to protect ‘the lungs of the sea’

Image copyright DAVID WROBEL, VISUALS UNLIMITED /SPL Image caption Seagrass is adapted to living in shallow coastal waters More than 100 scientists from 28 countries have called for global action to protect seagrass meadows. Seagrasses are flowering plants that form dense underwater beds in shallow water. Distinct from seaweed, the plants provide shelter and food

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Schiaparelli Mars probe ‘ready for all eventualities’

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: Schiaparelli will cut its engines 2m above the surface and dump down The European Schiaparelli probe may have to contend with relatively dusty conditions when it arrives at Mars. The spacecraft is aiming to make a dump-down on the planet’s Meridiani Plain a week on Wednesday. US researchers have

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Basic flood protection ‘missing in high risk areas’

Image copyright Getty Images Hundreds of thousands of householders in flood risk areas have failed to install basic protection against rising waters, insurers say. The Association of British Insurers said even buildings guarded by flood defences should have flood-proof doors in case embankments are over-topped. The comments add to a complex blame game over responsibility

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