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Sweet potato Vitamin A research wins World Food Prize

Image copyright S.Quinn/CIP Image caption The orange-fleshed sweet potato provide a valuable source of calories and nutrients for millions of people Four scientists have been awarded the 2016 World Food Prize for enriching sweet potatoes, which resulted in health benefits for millions of people. They won the prize for “the single most example of biofortification”,

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UK government ‘short’ on climate target

Image copyright PA The UK’s official advisers have issued a sombre assessment of government plans to hold climate change at a safe level. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says the government is not on track to meet its pledge of cutting emissions 80% by 2050. And they controversially warn ministers to park their recent

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Fossil sheds light on evolution of birdsong

Image copyright Nicole Fuller/Sayo Art for UT Austin Image caption The bird’s vocal organ – the syrinx – is found deep within its chest Scientists have reconstructed the “voicebox” of an extinct bird that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. The bird may have honked, quacked or whistled, like a duck or goose. Investigation

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