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UN moves to ban ‘fastest growing’ greenhouse gases

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The rapid growth of air conditioning is driving the use of HFC gases that exacerbate global warming Cooling chemicals that play a key role in refrigeration and air conditioning are likely to be rapidly phased out if delegates can reach agreement in Rwanda this week. Around 150 countries are

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Comet impact ‘linked’ to rise of mammals

Image copyright Science Photo Library A comet impact 55 million years ago may have helped mammals dominate the Earth. It could have triggered a rapid phase of global warming linked to the expansion of mammal groups during the Eocene time period. Writing in the journal Science, a team of American researchers outlines new evidence for

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Bird tracking could provide flu early warning system

Image copyright Martin Beer Image caption Deaths from bird flu at a turkey farm in Germany Monitoring birds on their long distance migrations may provide early warning of bird flu outbreaks, say scientists. There is growing evidence that wild birds move the disease around the world as they fly thousands of miles to their winter

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