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China’s Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission

Media captionThe astronauts were sent into space on board a Shenzhou 11 spacecraft China has launched two men into orbit in a project designed to develop its ability to explore space. The astronauts took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northern China. They will dock with the experimental Tiangong 2 space lab and

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European Schiaparelli probe on target for Mars landing

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: How Schiaparelli’s separation might have looked Europe’s Schiaparelli spacecraft is on course to land on Mars. The 577kg probe separated successfully from its mothership on Sunday at 14:42 GMT (15:42 BST; 16:42 CEST). It is now on a direct path to intercept the top of the Red Planet’s atmosphere

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Ceremony to mark start of Attenborough polar ship construction

Image copyright Rolls-Royce Image caption The RRS Sir David Attenborough will work both in the Arctic and the Antarctic Construction of the UK’s new £200m polar research ship, the RRS Sir David Attenborough, formally begins on Monday at Cammell Laird on Merseyside. A ceremony will see a crane lower a near-100-tonne segment of keel on

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