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HIV Patient Zero cleared by science

Image copyright SPL One of the most demonised patients in history – Gaetan Dugas – has been convincingly cleared of claims he spread HIV to the US, say scientists. Mr Dugas, a homosexual flight attendant, gained legendary status in the history of HIV/Aids when he became known as Patient Zero. But a study, in the

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Dish to listen for ET around strange star

Image copyright NRAO Image caption The Green Bank Telescope is located in a rural area of West Virginia A $100m initiative to listen for signals from alien life is targeting a star with an unusual dimming pattern. The Breakthrough Listen project, backed by Prof Stephen Hawking, will train a US radio telescope on a target

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King’s favourite fish to make comeback in River Severn project

Image copyright PA/Thinkstock Image caption Shad are said to have been favoured in the court of Henry III A scheme that aims to re-establish one of King Henry III’s favourite fish in the River Severn has been given nearly £20m in funding. It will reopen the river to fish species, many of which vanished after

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