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EU’s Galileo satellite system goes live after 17 years

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Galileo programme has suffered delays and budget overruns, but hopes to increase satellite accuracy 10-fold The EU’s Galileo satellite system has gone live, aiming to supply the world’s most accurate satellite navigation technology. It follows 17 years of development, plagued by delays and budget increases. The 18 satellites

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Light pollution dampens urban robins’ song

Image copyright SPL The song and behaviour of the UK’s favourite bird is being affected by light and noise pollution. That is according to research from Southampton University, which revealed how robins are affected by night-time lighting and road noise in a city park. They measured how much the quality of robin territory was affected

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Sentinels map Earth’s slow surface warping

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: The Sentinel radar satellites produce prodigious volumes of data British researchers are now routinely mapping a great swathe of Earth’s surface, looking for the subtle warping that ultimately leads to quakes. The team is processing satellite images to show how rocks in a belt that stretches from Europe’s Alps

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