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Japan cancels failed $9bn Monju nuclear reactor

Image copyright AP Image caption The experiment at Monju has cost $9bn (£7.2bn) Japan is a scrapping an experimental reactor which has worked for just 250 days of its 22-year lifespan and cost $9bn (£7.2bn). The Monju reactor, in western Japan’s Fukui city, was designed to burn most of its own spent fuel, eliminating the

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Obama bans oil drilling ‘permanently’ in millions of acres of ocean

Image copyright AP Image caption Arctic rigs like the “polar pioneer” were never actually deployed Outgoing US President Barack Obama has permanently banned offshore oil and gas drilling in the “vast majority” of US-owned northern waters. Mr Obama designated areas in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as “indefinitely off limits” to future leasing. The move

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Brain’s party noise filter revealed by recordings

Image copyright UC Berkeley Direct recordings have revealed what is happening in our brains as we make sense of speech in a noisy room. Focusing on one conversation in a loud, distracting environment is called “the cocktail party effect”. It is a common festive phenomenon and of interest to researchers seeking to improve speech recognition

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