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Trillions of high-flying migratory insects cross over UK

Image copyright Jane Hill Image caption Painted lady butterflies were one of the larger species recorded in the study For the first time scientists have been able to track the hordes of high-flying insects that pass across the skies of Southern England every year. Unseen and unnoticed by humans, researchers found that 3.5 trillion bugs

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Some young dinosaurs shed teeth, say experts

Image copyright Yu Chen Image caption The young ate meat while adults dined on plants Some dinosaurs lost their teeth as they grew up, according to fossil evidence. The hatchlings ate meat with their teeth, then used beaks to peck at plants as adults, say scientists. The discovery is a surprise and has not been

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UK car shapes up for solar challenge

Image copyright Solar Team Great Britain Image caption Solar Team Great Britain wants to be road testing come April This is the super-sleek shape a British team hopes can bring it glory in next year’s World Solar Challenge. The 3,000km race through the Australian desert, from Darwin to Adelaide, is the classic test for innovators

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