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UK designer launches 30-year Christmas jumper

Image copyright T.Cridland Image caption The 30-year Christmas sweatshirt is guaranteed to keep its wearer in festive cheer for three decades The Christmas jumper has now become a staple of festive activities – from boozy office parties to essential wear when carving the turkey on the big day. While the designs are naff and the

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Piers Sellers: UK-born astronaut dies aged 61

Image copyright AP Image caption Nasa praised Piers Sellers for his “curiosity and drive to uncover new knowledge” British-born astronaut Piers Sellers has died of pancreatic cancer, aged 61, Nasa has said. Born in Crowborough, East Sussex, Dr Sellers began working for the US space agency as a scientist in 1982 before joining its astronaut

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Arctic heatwave could break records

Image copyright University of Maine/ Image caption Temperatures on Christmas Eve at the North Pole could reach close to freezing on Christmas Eve 2016 Temperatures at the North Pole could be up to 20 degrees higher than average this Christmas Eve, in what scientists say is a record-breaking heatwave. Climate scientists say these unseasonably

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