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Baby gorilla moves in with new mother at Bristol Zoo

A hand-reared baby gorilla which was born 10 months ago has moved in with a surrogate mother. Afia, a Western lowland gorilla, was left fighting for her life after being born by emergency caesarean and had to be cared for by Bristol Zoo staff. Her reintroduction to the gorillas began in October when Afia started

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Baby orangutans rescued from Thai taxi

22 December 2016 Last updated at 18:54 GMT Two baby orangutans have been rescued from the back of a taxi in Thailand. Article source:

When will our electricity come from the sea?

Image copyright Getty Images If you’ve ever struggled to walk across the deck of a boat as it rolls in a choppy sea, or tried to stand up against breaking waves at the beach, you’ll have felt the might of the ocean. It feels like there’s a lot of power there too, so getting energy

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