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Law needed to limit Brexit’s environmental impact, say MPs

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption MPs are concerned that existing environmental safeguards may be weakened by Brexit Brexit poses a huge risk to UK wildlife and habitats and a new environmental law will be needed, MPs have said. Even where EU law is incorporated into the UK’s legal framework there could still be problems,

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Migrant farm workers may stay after Brexit but red tape goes

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Andrea Leadsom says she is committed to helping UK farmers access the labour they need after Brexit The environment secretary says she is “absolutely committed” to ensuring that British farmers have access to migrant workers after Brexit. Andrea Leadsom said the government would ensure the food and farming sectors

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Mystery cosmic radio bursts pinpointed

Image copyright Bill Saxton, NRAO, AUI, NSF, Hubble Image caption Artwork: The radio burst studied by the astronomers is the first known example that “repeats” They’re one of the most persistent puzzles in modern astronomy. As the name suggests, Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are short-lived – but powerful – pulses of radio waves from the

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