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Polar ship’s Antarctic base gets £100m upgrade

Image copyright NERC Image caption The £200m vessel, named after the naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough, will be based at Rothera The UK’s largest Antarctic research station is to receive a £100m upgrade funded by the government. Rothera Research Station will be home to the exploration ship RRS Sir David Attenborough. An online public vote

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UK military to build prototype ‘laser weapon’

Image copyright JOHN F WILLIAMS / US Navy Image caption The Laws laser weapon was deployed for tests aboard a US Navy ship in 2014 The UK Ministry of Defence has officially awarded a £30m contract to produce a prototype laser weapon. The aim is to see whether “directed energy” technology could benefit the armed

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Climate change: Fresh doubt over global warming ‘pause’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Glaciers have continued to melt at increasing rates over the past 20 years despite the supposed pause A controversial study that found there has been no slowdown in global warming has been supported by new research. Many researchers had accepted that the rate of global warming had slowed in

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