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Donald Trump win ‘won’t sway world on climate’

Image copyright Reuters The election of the climate sceptic Donald Trump as US president will not sway UK leadership on the issue, a minister has said. Mr Trump, reported to believe climate change is “mostly bunk”, has threatened to withdraw from the UN climate deal. Environment Minister Nick Hurd admitted the Trump victory was “a

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Japanese monkey tries to mate with deer

Image copyright AFP Image caption The macaque attempted to mate with at least two Sika deer A male Japanese monkey has been filmed trying to mount and mate with a Sika deer. Researchers saw the primate attempting to mate with at least two deer in November 2015, during the macaque breeding season. The macaques regularly

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Warming world harming insects’ reproduction, says study

Image copyright SPL Image caption Short-term exposure to a rise in temperature can cause long-term damage to insects’ ability to reproduce A warming world harms insects’ ability to reproduce, which could have long-term consequences, scientists warn. UK researchers also found that insects in northern latitudes were more vulnerable than their southern-dwelling cousins. The team added

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