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‘Puppy talk’

Image copyright SPL Image caption We often speak to dogs and babies in a similar way Scientists have decoded “dog-directed speech” for the first time, and they say puppies respond to it. Puppies reacted positively and wanted to play when researchers in France played them a tape of phrases like, “Who’s a good boy?” However,

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‘Star Wars gibbon’ is new primate species

Image copyright Fan Peng-Fei Image caption The gibbons live high up in the canopies of the tropical rainforests of China A gibbon living in the tropical forests of south west China is a new species of primate, scientists have concluded. The animal has been studied for some time, but new research confirms it is different

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Mysterious fossils find place on the tree of life

Image copyright Danielle Dufault/Royal Ontario Museum Image caption The feeding tentacles were used to filter water for food A strange animal that lived on the ocean floor 500 million years ago has been assigned to the tree of life, solving a long-held mystery. The creature has eluded scientific classification since the first fossil was discovered

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