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New candidate for ‘missing element’ in Earth’s core

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption This study suggests silicon exists in the Earth’s inner core with iron and nickel Japanese scientists believe they have established the identity of a “missing element” within the Earth’s core. They have been searching for the element for decades, believing it makes up a significant proportion of our

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Orcas reveal the origin of menopause

A 40-year study of a population of killer whales off the US Pacific coast has helped British researchers to solve an evolutionary mystery – why killer whales and humans are two of only three species that go through what we call menopause – stopping reproduction part-way through their lives. By examining a record of every

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Alien bird risk from pet trade

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption There is a growing trade in exotic birds The trade in caged birds poses a risk to native species if the pets escape into the wild, UK researchers say. They identified almost 1,000 species of bird introduced into new areas by human activity over the past 500 years. More than

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