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Obama administration gives $500m to UN climate change fund

Image copyright AFP Image caption The signing of the Paris accord is considered a major achievement for Barack Obama The US government has given half a billion dollars to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, just three days before Donald Trump takes office. Barack Obama’s outgoing administration announced the contribution of $500m (£406m; €468m) on Tuesday,

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Aeolus wind mission heads for test and launch

Image copyright ESA Image caption Aeolus will operate at a relatively low altitude of 320km British engineers have finished assembling a satellite that experts believe could have a transformative impact on our weather forecasts. The Aeolus spacecraft will fire a laser into the atmosphere to make the first three dimensional maps of wind behaviour across

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Project aims to grow a ‘city of trees’

Image copyright City of Trees Image caption Urban trees offer practical benefits as well as aesthetic ones, say researchers A project aims to plant three million trees – one for every man, woman and child – in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years. Those behind City of Trees hopes the effort will not only

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