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Cats may be as intelligent as dogs, say scientists

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Cats match dogs in various mental tests The idea that dogs are more intelligent than cats has been called into question. Japanese scientists say cats are as good as dogs at certain memory tests, suggesting they may be just as smart. A study – involving 49 domestic cats – shows

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Trump backs Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines

Image copyright Reuters US President Donald Trump has infuriated environmentalists by signing executive orders that support two controversial oil pipelines. The new Republican president backed the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects, provided American steel is used. The Obama administration in late 2015 halted Keystone, which would carry crude from Canada to Texas. The Army

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Five in final stretch of Moon race

Image copyright HAKUTO Image caption Artwork: Hakuto (“White Rabbit”) will share a ride with its Indian competitor The race to put a privately funded spacecraft on the Moon has just five teams left in the competition. The surviving groups all met an end-of-2016 deadline to obtain launch contracts – and these have now been verified

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