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Seeds offer clue to domesticated plants’ larger size

Image copyright S.Matesanz Image caption Studies have shown that domesticated species of crop (left) are larger than their wild relatives (right) The seeds of domesticated plants could offer clues as to why cultivated crops are larger than their wild cousins, researchers have suggested. Increased size is common among domesticated plants but the reason for increased

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Australia’s ‘fairy possum’ faces uncertain future

Image copyright Empics Image caption Logging, fire and climate change all pose threats to Leadbeater’s Possum A tiny possum, the faunal emblem of the state of Victoria in Australia, is rapidly heading towards extinction, say scientists. Researchers say the creature, nicknamed the fairy possum, is suffering under a combination of logging, fires and climate change.

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Claim made for hydrogen ‘wonder material’

Image copyright HARVARD UNIVERSIT/R.DIAS/I.SILVERA Image caption Smaller than the cross-section of a hair on your head: The tiny sample went from transparent, to black, to highly reflective as the pressure was increased. Becoming shiny and reflective is a sign the material has become a solid metal, the Harvard team claims Scientists in the US say

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