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UK ‘need not fear electricity blackouts’ says ex-National Grid boss

Image copyright Getty Images The UK has enough energy capacity to meet demand – even on the coldest days when demand is highest, says Steve Holliday, the man who ran National Grid for a decade. He said news stories raising fears about blackouts should stop. His optimism is based on the government’s latest auction of

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Restoring native plants ‘boosts pollination’

Image copyright C. Kaiser-Bunbury Image caption Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago Removing invasive exotic plants from natural areas can act as a boost for wildlife, a study suggests. Bees, butterflies and birds returned to remote mountaintops in the Seychelles only six months after exotic plants were removed. Taking out exotic plants

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Scientists find ‘oldest human ancestor’

Image copyright Cambridge University Image caption Artist’s reconstruction of Saccorhytus coronarius, based on the original fossil finds. The actual creature was probably no more than a millimetre in size Researchers have discovered the earliest known ancestor of humans – along with a vast range of other species. They say that fossilised traces of the 540-million-year-old

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