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Dakota pipeline: US Army to allow work on final section

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Protests to stop the pipeline have been going on for months The US Army has been ordered to allow the construction of the final section of a controversial oil pipeline. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven said the Army Corps of Engineers had been directed to allow work under Lake Oahe,

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Australian scientists use soybean oil to create graphene

Image copyright CSIRO Image caption Dr Dong Han Seo, from Australia’s CSIRO, holds a piece of graphene Australian scientists have turned ordinary cooking oil into graphene, in a discovery they say lowers its cost to produce. Graphene, a strong carbon material, is just one atom wide and conducts electricity better than copper. It was discovered

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‘Tuberculosis-resistant’ cattle developed in China

Image copyright SPL Image caption Cattle were one of the first animals to be cloned Scientists in China say they have produced cloned cattle with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis. Twenty calves were born, of which 11 survived for more than three months. Bovine TB is a risk to cattle in many countries, including parts

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