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Quantum computer ‘construction plan’ drawn up

Image copyright Ion Quantum Tech Group, Uni Sussex Image caption The blueprint is based around a modular approach Physicists have drawn up construction plans for a large-scale quantum computer. These super-fast machines promise to revolutionise computing, harnessing the world of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are beyond reach for even the most advanced “classical”

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How birds of a feather evolved together

Image copyright Thinkstock Citizen scientists have deduced how birds acquired a vast array of beaks over millions of years of evolution. Bird enthusiasts joined forces with experts to investigate the beak shapes of birds from eagles to pelicans. The study found there was a burst of evolution of different beak shapes early in the history

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New UK science body appoints chief

Image caption Prof Walport is currently the UK’s chief scientific adviser Prof Sir Mark Walport has been appointed to head Britain’s newly created science funding organisation. BBC News has learned that Prof Walport will be the first chief executive of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – an umbrella body that will oversee £6bn of research

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