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Galactic X-rays could point to dark matter proof

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Like other galaxies, the Milky Way is thought to be enveloped in a bubble of dark matter A small but distinctive signal in X-rays from the Milky Way could be key to proving the existence of dark matter. That is the claim of US scientists who analysed the

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UK completes Antarctic Halley base relocation

Image copyright BAS/M.Krzysztofowicz Image caption All eight modules were towed across the ice shelf to the new location further from the sea The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has completed the move of its Halley research station. The base is sited on the floating – and moving – Brunt Ice Shelf, and had to be relocated

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Car ban fails to curb air pollution in Mexico city

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Residents have turned to taxis, car pooling and buying extra cars to get round driving restrictions Banning cars on Saturdays in Mexico city hasn’t reduced air pollutants according to a new study. Scientists had expected that limiting driving at the weekend would reduce vehicle emissions by 15%. But this

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