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£1m Queen Elizabeth Prize: Digital camera tech lauded

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption CMOS is now the technology of choice in smartphones, pocket cameras, DSLRs and webcams The inventors of digital cameras have won the highest international engineering prize. This year’s £1m Queen Elizabeth Prize recognises the development of the technologies that turn light into digital signals. The Royal Academy of Engineering judging

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Drilling into heart of Iceland volcano complete

Image copyright IDDP Image caption Steam from the deep well could provide an important source of energy An attempt to drill into the heart of a volcano in the south-west of Iceland is now complete. Geologists have penetrated 4,659m down, creating the deepest-ever volcanic borehole. Their aim is to tap into the steam at the

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Scientists record breach in magnetic field

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Artwork: The Earth’s magnetosphere protects the planet from a continuous flow of cosmic radiation Scientists have recorded the events that unfolded after the Earth’s magnetic shield was breached. Openings in the planet’s magnetic field are not uncommon, but it is rarer to get the opportunity to gather data

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