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Indian children died after ‘eating lychees on empty stomach’

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Lychees contain a toxin that prevents the body from creating glucose US and Indian scientists say a mystery illness that killed more than 100 children a year in northern India was caused by eating lychees on an empty stomach. For more than two decades, apparently healthy children in a region

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New ‘super yield’ GM wheat trial gets go-ahead

Image copyright ROTHAMSTED RESEARCH Image caption In greenhouse tests, the new wheat has shown increased yields of between 20-40% The planting of a new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat will take place this spring after the UK government gave the final go ahead. The GM wheat has been engineered to use sunlight more

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Car ban fails to curb air pollution in Mexico City

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Residents have turned to taxis, car pooling and buying extra cars to get round driving restrictions Banning cars on Saturdays in Mexico City hasn’t reduced air pollutants, according to a new study. Scientists had expected that limiting driving at the weekend would reduce vehicle emissions by 15%. But this

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