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Norfolk beach rhino fossil revealed by storm surge

Fossil experts have uncovered evidence of a rhino on a Norfolk beach about 700,000 years ago after a storm surge revealed the animal’s vertebra. Heavy seas pounding the cliff and beach in West Runton, near Cromer, in January unearthed part of the atlas bone – the first cervical vertebra which articulates with the skull. “There’s

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Malaria drugs fail for first time on patients in UK

Image copyright Spl Image caption The patients had caught malaria when visiting Africa A key malaria treatment has failed for the first time in patients being treated in the UK, doctors say. The drug combination was unable to cure four patients, who had all visited Africa, in early signs the parasite is evolving resistance. A

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Bison return to Banff national park in Canada

Image copyright Parks Canada via Reuters Image caption Bison returned to Banff last week after an absence of more than 100 years A herd of plains bison have been successfully reintroduced to Canada’s oldest national park, more than 100 years after they were nearly hunted out of existence. The 16 bison were moved to the

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