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Endangered antelope ‘may be wiped out’

Image copyright WCS Image caption Scientists say that a quarter of the population may already have been lost The death of more than 2,000 critically endangered Saiga antelope in Mongolia was caused by a disease that could now threaten the entire population. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) scientists, who work in the affected grassland area of

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Hans Rosling: Data visionary and educator dies aged 68

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hans Rosling was known for his lively, data-based presentations about global development Hans Rosling, a Swedish professor of global health and well-known public educator, has died aged 68, his Gapminder foundation has announced. Mr Rosling was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a year ago and died in Uppsala, Sweden. He

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Gecko eludes foes with tearaway skin

Image copyright F. Glaw Image caption Geckolepis megalepis can shed its scales with ease when attacked A newly discovered species of gecko has tearaway skin that leaves predators with nothing but a mouthful of scales when attacked. Many lizards can detach their tails when attacked, but fish-scale geckos have large scales that tear away with

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