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Bolivia declares emergency over locust plague

Image copyright AP Image caption Locusts are normally solitary, but can swarm under certain conditions The Bolivian government has declared a state of emergency in a vast agricultural area affected by a plague of locusts. President Evo Morales has announced a contingency plan, which includes $700,000 in extra funds for fumigation. The swarm first appeared

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Quinoa genome could see ‘super-food’ prices tumble

Image copyright Huw Evans picture agency Image caption Demand for the gluten free grain has soared in recent years, particularly in the US and Europe Scientists have successfully decoded the genome of quinoa, one of the world’s most nutritious but underutilised crops. The South American grain is a hugely popular “super-food” because it is well

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Orangutan squeaks reveal language evolution, says study

Image copyright Tim Laman Image caption Orangutan kiss squeaks could provide a glimpse of how our ancestors combined vowels and consonants to form the first words Scientists who spent years listening to the communication calls of one of our closest ape relatives say their eavesdropping has shed light on the origin of human language. Dr

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