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New Zealand whales: Frantic bid to save stranded mammals

11 February 2017 Last updated at 14:39 GMT The mass stranding of whales on a remote beach in New Zealand has taken a turn for the worse as 240 more arrived. Article source:

Bolivia begins fumigation against locust plague

Media captionBolivia fights back as crops hit by plague of locusts Bolivia has started chemical spraying in its eastern grain region to fight a plague of locusts which is endangering thousands of hectares of crops. The locusts were first reported in January and have already taken over 1,000 hectares in the province of Santa Cruz.

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New Zealand whales: Hundreds refloat on high tide at Farewell Spit

Media captionRescuers help whales return to sea, as more become stranded down the coast More than 200 whales stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand on Saturday have refloated themselves and returned to sea. But conservation officials have warned that they could still turn back to the beach at Farewell Spit, South Island. Earlier,

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