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Face of Orkney’s St Magnus reconstructed

Image copyright Hew Morrison Image caption Forensic artist Hew Morrison used specialist computer software for his reconstruction of St Magnus A facial reconstruction has been made of Orkney’s St Magnus to help mark the 900th anniversary of his death. Forensic artist Hew Morrison’s research included studies of photographs taken in the 1920s of what is

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Terrific Scientific: BBC Breakfast’s fizzy bottle rocket flop

The BBC’s new Terrific Scientific campaign, which aims to inspire primary school pupils to discover their inner scientist, is encouraging families to take part in DIY science experiments together. Louise Minchin and Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast have been getting involved, with some not-so-terrific attempts at the Bottle Rocket Challenge. Article source:

Banned chemicals persist in deep ocean

Image copyright Dr Alan Jamieson, Newcastle Uni Image caption The amphipods were retrieved from the Pacific’s Kermadec and Mariana trenches Chemicals banned in the 1970s have been found in the deepest reaches of the Pacific Ocean, a new study shows. Scientists were surprised by the relatively high concentrations of pollutants like PCBs and PBDEs in

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