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The mystery of the whoop whooping bee

Honey bees have long been known to make a noise that scientists call the whoop whooping signal… quite simply because that’s what it sounds like. Now Dr Martin Bencsik from Nottingham Trent University thinks he might know why they do it… and it might have something to do with angry bees. Article source:

History sheds light on Amazon’s rich tree diversity

Image copyright Kyle Dexter Image caption Within the Amazon basin, it is possible to find up to 300 tree species per hectare The rich diversity of trees in the Amazon could be the result of widespread dispersal over geological time, a study has suggested. Although the vast tropical area is now divided into regions, scientists

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First live birth evidence in dinosaur relative

Image copyright Dinghua Yang Image caption Dinocephalosaurus was adapted for a fully aquatic lifestyle Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of live births in the group of animals that includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds. All examples of this group, known as the Archosauromorpha, lay eggs. This led some scientists to wonder whether there was something

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