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Eclipse to be turned into mega-movies

Media captionTyler Nordgren: “The public can help construct a 90-minute-long video of the eclipse” August’s total solar eclipse in the US will almost certainly be the most watched such event in history. More than 12 million people – from Oregon to South Carolina – live on the path of darkness that the Moon will cut

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Naica’s crystal caves hold long-dormant life

Image copyright Penelope J. Boston Image caption The caves were discovered by miners 100 years ago It is a remarkable discovery in an amazing place. Scientists have extracted long-dormant microbes from inside the famous giant crystals of the Naica mountain caves in Mexico – and revived them. The organisms were likely to have been encased

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Gravity probe exceeds performance goals

Media captionStefano Vitale: “LISA Pathfinder has been an amazing success” The long-planned LISA space mission to detect gravitational waves looks as though it will be green lit shortly. Scientists working on a demonstration of its key measurement technologies say they have just beaten the sensitivity performance that will be required.   The European Space Agency (Esa),

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