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Minister to enshrine protection for research independence

Image copyright PA Ministers will enshrine into law the idea that there should be no political interference in research funding. The concept, known as the Haldane Principle, has been a guiding precept for science spending but never a requirement until now. The move follows concerns that a proposed shake-up would lead to the centralised funding

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‘Good vibration’ hand pumps boost Africa’s water security

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Millions of people across Africa depend on hand pumps for their water supplies The simple up-and-down motion of hand pumps could help scientists secure a key water source for 200 million people in Africa. Growing demand for groundwater is putting pressure on the resource while researchers struggle to accurately

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New UN climate chief: ‘Action on warming unstoppable’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption President Trump’s attitude to climate change has drawn protests in many parts of the world The UN’s new climate chief admits says she’s worried about President Donald Trump – but confident that action to curb climate change is unstoppable. President Trump said he’d withdraw from the UN climate deal

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