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Scientists ‘solve’ the ketchup problem

Scientists in the US may have found a solution to one of the classic dinner table problems – getting every drop of ketchup out of a bottle. As the BBC’s Pallab Ghosh reports, they say it is down to a non-toxic coating that makes the inside of bottles super-slippery. Article source:

Seven Earth-sized planets found orbiting single star

Seven planets have been discovered in a solar system 40 light-years from Earth. The researchers say that all seven could potentially support liquid water on the surface, depending on the other properties of those planets. Article source:

Taliban leader urges Afghans to plant more trees

Image copyright AP Image caption Taliban fighters are encouraged to take part in the tree-planting drive The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Hibatullah Akhundzada, has urged Afghans to plant more trees. In a statement, he called on civilians and fighters to “plant one or several fruit or non-fruit trees for the beautification of Earth

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