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‘Oldest’ Iron Age gold work in Britain found in Staffordshire

Media captionFriends dig up Britain’s ‘oldest’ Iron Age gold in Staffordshire Two friends have unearthed jewellery which could be the oldest Iron Age gold discovered in Britain. Mark Hambleton, who went back to metal detecting after advice from his late father, made the find with Joe Kania, on Staffordshire Moorlands farmland. The three necklaces and

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Nest-boxes no substitute for tree cavities, says study

Image copyright M.Maziarz Image caption Some species, such as the marsh tit, preferred tree cavities as nesting sites Conservationists cannot consider nest-boxes to be a substitute for naturally occurring tree cavities, a study has suggested. A study found the artificial nesting sites had higher humidity levels and poorer insulation than tree cavities. Researchers also found

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Tagged animals at risk from hunters and nature-lovers

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Tagged sharks were found and then hunted by people homing in on radio signals At-risk species, including wolves and sharks, are being targeted by hunters using signals sent by radio tags to home in on the animals. The behaviour of non-endangered species is also being skewed as nature

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