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Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed

Image copyright Wits University Image caption Elephants were studied in Chobe National Park, Botswana Wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal, according to a study. Scientists tracked two elephants in Botswana to find out more about the animals’ natural sleep patterns. Elephants in zoos sleep for four to six hours a

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Humans help cook up mineral bounty

Media captionBob Hazen: “Minerals formed either exclusively or primarily by a human-mediate process” Scientists have identified 208 new minerals that owe their existence wholly or in part to humans. Many in the list have been found down old mine tunnels or on slag heaps where water and even fire have had the opportunity to work

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Lasers reveal how Big Ben ‘bongs’

Image copyright © BBC Image caption Scientists point lasers at Big Ben Scientists have used lasers to analyse how the sound of Big Ben’s “bongs” is created. Big Ben – officially known as the Great Bell – is the largest of five bells that hang in the belfry of Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of

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