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Huge Large Hadron Collider experiment gets ‘heart transplant’

Image copyright Cern Image caption Replacing the CMS’s pixel detector should help scientists search for signs of new physics One of the Large Hadron Collider’s huge experiments has been given what’s described as a “heart transplant”. Officials said the replacement of a key component inside the CMS experiment represented the first major upgrade to the

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Ancient skulls give clues to China human history

Image copyright Xiujie Wu Image caption The skulls provide insights into the predecessors of modern humans in the region Two skulls found in China shed light on the ancient humans who inhabited the region before our own species arrived. We know that Europe and western Asia was dominated by the Neanderthals before Homo sapiens displaced

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Controversial gas from Peruvian Amazon arrives in UK

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption The Camisea project is taking place in rainforest 60 miles from Machu Picchu in Peru A tanker docking in the UK is transporting a controversial cargo of gas from the Peruvian Amazon. It is thought to be the first shipment to the UK from the Camisea project in

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