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‘Best ever’ view of what a dinosaur really looked like

Image copyright Julius T. Csotony Image caption Anchiornis: A feathered dinosaur from China A dinosaur that lived 160 million years ago had drumstick-shaped legs much like living birds, according to palaeontologists. The feathered dinosaur also had bird-like arms similar to wings. Scientists used high-powered lasers to reveal invisible details of what the creature looked like.

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Earliest evidence of life on Earth ‘found’

Image copyright M Dodd Image caption Ancient life: These clumps of iron and filaments show similarities to modern microbes Scientists have discovered what they say could be fossils of some of the earliest living organisms on Earth. They are represented by tiny filaments, knobs and tubes in Canadian rocks dated to be up to 4.28

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Nature report should be released now

Image copyright Christopher Furlong Image caption The “masterplan” aims to set out a comprehensive policy framework for the environment The government’s long-delayed 25-year plan for improving nature in England should be published immediately, MPs have said in a letter to the Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom. They asked her to explain why the strategy due in

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