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Bread’s environmental costs are counted

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption The British loaf is part of our staple diet The environmental impact of producing a loaf of bread has been analysed in depth from the farm to the shop shelf. The biggest single factor is the use of fertiliser to grow wheat, which accounts for 43% of greenhouse gas emissions,

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Scotland’s non-biting midges

Image copyright Alan Watson Featherstone/Trees for Life Image caption One of the 17 species of non-biting midge found at Dundreggan, a wooded area of the Highlands Last week it was revealed that Scotland has a previously unrecorded species of midge. But there is no need to reach for the insect repellent, this beastie is one

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Liver transplant pioneer Thomas Starzl dies aged 90

Image copyright AP Image caption Dr Starzl, pictured in 1989, first carried out a procedure, which has since saved thousands of lives Thomas Starzl, the man who performed the world’s first liver transplant, has died days short of his 91st birthday. The American surgeon pioneered the procedure in 1963, but his first patient did not

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