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How to super-size your memory, according to science

Image copyright Konrad/Driessen Image caption Memory champion and neuroscientist Boris Nikolai Konrad had his own brain scanned for the research You can super size your memory to make it more like that of a world champion, according to scientists. Scans reveal that while memory champions’ brains are nothing special in terms of anatomy, they do

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New insight into secret lives of Neanderthals

Image copyright SPL Image caption Neanderthals are our closest extinct relatives Neanderthals dosed themselves with painkillers and possibly penicillin, according to a study of their teeth. One sick Neanderthal chewed the bark of the poplar tree, which contains a chemical related to aspirin. He may also have been using penicillin, long before antibiotics were developed.

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Gravitational waves pioneer Ronald Drever dies

Image copyright Caltech Archives Image caption Kip Thorne (left) and Ronald Drever (middle), with Robbie Vogt, the first director of the LIGO project (1990) Ronald Drever, one of the architects behind the first detection of gravitational waves, has died aged 85. The Scottish physicist passed away peacefully in Edinburgh on Tuesday, following a short but

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