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Neanderthals ‘self-medicated’ for pain

Image copyright SPL Image caption Neanderthals are our closest extinct relatives Neanderthals dosed themselves with painkillers and possibly penicillin, according to a study of their teeth. One sick Neanderthal chewed the bark of the poplar tree, which contains a chemical related to aspirin. He may also have been using penicillin, long before antibiotics were developed.

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Robber fly: Hunting secrets of a tiny predator revealed

Media captionWatch the tiny creature home in on its prey The mid-air hunting strategy of a tiny fly the size of a grain of rice has been revealed by an international team of scientists. Holcocephala, a species of robber fly, is able to intercept and “lock on” to its prey in less than a second.

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Oldest croc eggs discovered in dinosaur nest

Image copyright Octávio Mateus Image caption The crocodilian eggs are remarkably well preserved The oldest crocodilian eggs known to science have been discovered in the cliffs of western Portugal. They are so well preserved that they give an insight into the “mother croc” that laid them 152 million years ago. The prehistoric crocodile ancestor would

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