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Great Barrier Reef suffers unprecedented second year’s bleaching

Scientists in Australia say the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by widespread bleaching of its corals for the second successive year. Experts from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said their first aerial survey of 2017 showed large areas of the reef had become distressed by high water temperatures. Coral can recover from

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Electric solution for Mexico’s roads

Hector Ruiz has made it his mission to convert old cars in Mexico City to run on electricity. But with over five million vehicles in the city, he has a long way to go to have an impact on air pollution. Reporter Producer Natasha Pizzey So I Can Breathe A week of coverage by BBC

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‘Oldest plants on Earth’ discovered

Image copyright Stefan Bengtson Image caption Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy revealed structures typical of red algae. The origins of plants may go back hundreds of millions of years earlier than previously thought, according to fossil evidence. Ancient rocks from India suggest plants resembling red algae lived 1.6 billion years ago in what was then shallow

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