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Climate change: Biofuels ‘could limit jet contrails’

Image copyright NASA Image caption The aim was to sample emissions under real-world conditions Some close-quarter flying has provided new insights into aircraft pollution. US space agency-led scientists flew small, instrumented, chase planes directly in the exhaust plume of a big jet to measure the sorts of gases and particles being thrown out. The data

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Scientists play ‘geological genealogy’

Image copyright Rick Carlson Image caption The rocks on the eastern shores of the Hudson Bay are among the oldest on Earth Scientists have tracked the “family history” of a rock back to some of the earliest times on Earth. Researchers analysed the concentration and distribution of particular types of atoms in the granite to

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Etna escape: ‘Pelted with the deadly, hot debris’

Image caption Etna is usually doing something. That makes it a draw for scientists and tourists When we arrived in Sicily, we discovered that we were in luck: Mount Etna had just started to erupt again. I was part of a BBC team who had come to film a report on volcano monitoring. Getting to

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