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Menstrual cycle recreated ‘in a dish’

Image copyright Woodruff Lab US scientists say they have made a mini working replica of the female reproductive tract using human and mouse tissue. Although the palm-sized device looks nothing like a womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries, the researchers say it should help with understanding diseases of these organs and tissues. It also provides a

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Food trade drains global water sources at ‘alarming’ rates

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many of the crops imported and exported from the US are grown with non-sustainable water supplies The global market for foodstuffs is depleting water sources in many parts of the world quicker than they can naturally be refilled. The complex trade is increasing pressure on non-renewable groundwater, mainly used

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SpaceX set to launch ‘used rocket’

Image copyright SPACEX Image caption Back to Earth: The booster was first used in a space station cargo re-supply mission last April California’s SpaceX company expects to make a piece of history later when it re-flies a Falcon rocket. Traditionally, rockets are one-use only – all the elements of the vehicle are discarded in getting

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