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West Mersea mammoth tusk found on beach

Image copyright Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network Image caption The tusk, shown next to a 1m (3ft) measuring rod – was discovered by chance by an archaeological group which supports amateurs Archaeologists on the Essex coast have discovered a 6ft (2m) long mammoth tusk during an unusually low tide. The find was made by

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Most of Mars’ air was ‘lost to space’

Image copyright NASA Image caption Artwork: Mars today is cold and dry (L) but it have been very different billions of years ago (R) It is clear now that a big fraction of the atmosphere of Mars was stripped away to space early in its history. A new analysis, combining measurements by the Maven satellite

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Meet the fish with the heroin-like bite

Scientists from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Queensland have solved the mystery of how a fish with sharp fangs gives a pain-free bite. The researchers discovered that the fang-blenny, a tiny reef-dwelling fish, has a venom that is laced with pain-killing chemicals. They say the discovery, published in the journal

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