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President jokes while signing space agency funding bill

President Donald Trump joked that Nasa could send the US Congress to Mars as he signed a bill that guaranteed funding for the space agency for the next financial year. The bill includes money to go towards a manned mission to Mars, Nasa’s next big goal. Despite this, the Nasa budget fell slightly, from $19.5bn

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Aquariums flout Japan’s ban on dolphin catching method

Aquariums are cutting ties with a Japanese zoo organisation to avoid its ban on the ‘drive hunting’ of dolphins. The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums said it would expel members that used the controversial method, after it was itself suspended from the World body in 2015. However, aquariums say the policy undermines their efforts

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Sci-fi forest tracks carbon impact

An industrial-scale experiment in a Staffordshire forest will help fill gaps in knowledge about climate change. The project has created an outdoor laboratory by encircling trees with 25m masts gushing high levels of carbon dioxide. The site is surrounded by a 3m anti-climb fence, and silvery tubes snake along the forest floor in what looks

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