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First study finds neonic pesticides in US drinking water

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Neonicotinoids have been found in samples from US water treatment plants Small traces of the world’s most widely used insecticides have been detected in tap water for the first time. Samples taken by scientists in the US state of Iowa showed that levels of neonicotinoid chemicals remained constant despite

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Rapid rise of clothes moths threatens historic fabrics

Image copyright SPL Image caption The numbers of clothes moths have doubled at English Heritage sites over the past five years Rare furnishings and fabrics in England’s historic houses are under growing threat from an epidemic of clothes moths, say experts. English Heritage says that moth numbers have doubled in the past five years, most

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UN report: Clean power is up, costs are down

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The cost of offshore wind energy installations has tumbled over the past three years The world added record levels of renewable energy capacity in 2016, according to the UN. But the bill was almost a quarter lower than the previous year, thanks to the plunging cost of renewables. Investment

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