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The man who lived inside a giant wooden egg

An artist who lived in a giant wooden egg for a year has brought the floating exhibition to Milton Keynes as part of the town’s 50th birthday celebrations. Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg will be moored along the Grand Union Canal at Stanton Low Park before floating to Great Linford between 8-14 May. Mr Turner lived

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The race to fly passengers into space

Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is investing $1bn (£801m) a year to fund his Blue Origin rocket company. He joins a line of entrepreneurs who have set their sights on space exploration. Article source:

‘Inhaling knowledge in the library’

Scientists at University College London are working on a project to capture aromas for their historic value. Matija Strlic, Professor of Heritage Science, told BBC Breakfast that people like the smell of old books: “They feel as if they are inhaling the knowledge as they enter the library.” Article source:

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